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Are you sick of scientific censorship by authoritarian organizations who don’t have your best interests at heart? Are you frustrated by invisible fact checkers who get to decide what you can read and share? I am. If you are, welcome to this community. This community provides a space to freely discuss natural health and other topics without fear of censorship. Become a paying member and obtain exclusive access to all content, including my posts, videos, podcasts, and live streaming content. As a supporting member, you will also be able to interact with all content and other members in the group. Before I became a Ph.D. Biochemist & Molecular Biologist, I was a physicist. I love health science and teaching it to others. I have over 30 awards for my innovations, and I was named a Global Super Solver and featured in the book, “One Smart Crowd” for some of my work. Let’s discuss health science together feely in this community. By becoming a supporting member, you will learn a tremendous amount of useful knowledge to support your health, while saying no to the organizations who now believe they are the chosen gatekeepers of knowledge. I look forward to getting to know you and learning more about what you want to learn. Come on in and join the uncensored fun!

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